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Mushroom hunting

Join a skilled mushroom hunter, nature guide Peer Høgsberg, in Gyttegård plantation on the hunt for edible mushrooms. Peer will tell you about the mushrooms you find and how to tell them apart.

Sunday the 25th of September at 13.00-16.00 

On the tour through Gyttegård plantationwewillpass by the uniqueinland dune area Grene Sande. If there is time, Peer willprepare a fewtaste sampleat the end of the tour. All participants areoffered to have their baskets examinedafter the tour. Wewillwalkapproximately 5 km in variedterrain. Bring yourownmushroom basket, a small kitchenknife and ifpossible, a small brush. Youarealsoencouraged to bring portable coffee and of cause suitable outdoor clothing as well as goodfootwear. All arewelcomeespeciallykids with eagleeyes. The tour willbe in English and is not suitable for walkingimpaired. 


Parking area by Gyttegård Plantation, at Billundvej.

See the meetingpoint on Google Maps here!

Nature guide Peer Høgsberg | Tlf.: 2364 0265 | E-mail:

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