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Mushroom hunting

Join a skilled mushroom hunter, nature guide Peer Høgsberg, in Gyttegård plantation on the hunt for edible mushrooms. Peer will tell you about the mushrooms you find and how to tell them apart. SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 4TH, 2021, AT 13.00 to 16.00

Where are we going?

The tour will go through Gyttegård plantation and pass by the unique inland dune area Grene Sande. After the tour we will prepare a few taste samples on the Trangia stoves Peer has brought. All participants is offered to have their baskets examined after the tour. We will walk around 5 km in varied terrain. Bring your own mushroom basket with a cloth in the bottom, a small kitchen knife and if possible a small brush. You are also encouraged to bring portable coffee and of cause suitable outdoor clothing as well as good footwear. All are welcome – especially sharp-eyed kids. The tour will be in English and is not suitable for walking impaired.


P-area by the trail into Grene Sande at Billundvej 50, 7250 Hejnsvig. NOT the p-area by the golf court.

Nature guide Peer Høgsberg | Tlf.: 2364 0265 | E-mail:

Billund Kommune.

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