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Lunchhike to the seven years lakes

The beautiful landscape around the Syv års søerne is spectacular in the late summer when the purple flowers of the heather is in full bloom. Join our nature guide on a walk around the lakes and hear about the flowers, animals and insects adapted to the harsh conditions on the heath. SUNDAY AUGUST 30th at. 10.00-12.30

Why is it so beautiful?

Learn about the landscape and how it was formed, why it
looks like it does today and why the lakes are called ”Seven
Years Lakes”. Remember to bring warm clothes, good
footwear and a delicious lunch pack for the end of the hike,
which will be at a nice lunchspot near the lakes (on the
ground – bring a blanket). The trip is not suited for walking

Randbølhede rest area on Bøgvadvej in the curve west of
Frederikshåb, Bøgvadvej 121, 7183 Randbøldal

Naturguide Finn Lillethorup, Økolariet
Telephone 21 78 21 03 • E-mail:

Billund Kommune


Due to CoVid-19:
The number of participants is limited in order to abide by the guidelines issued by the government.
It is therefore necessary to sign up for the trip. 
This is done by sending a mail to with the name of the trip and number of participants.
Registration is done on a first served basis. 

Hand sanitizer will be available on the trip.