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The Billund Libraries and Citizen Service

In Billund Municipality, the Citizen Service centers are parts of the Libraries in Billund and Grindsted.

Pleace note:

If you want to change your foreign driving licence or passport in Billund Municipality, you must go to Citizen Service at the Magion Library.

It is not possible to get it done in Citizen Service at the Billund Library.

Staffed hours and self-service Libraries

In addition to the libraries in Billund and Grindsted, which provide Staffed hours with trained staff and a self-service option, there are also libraries in Sdr. Omme and Vorbasse.

The libraries in Sdr. Omme and Vorbasse are situated in the sports centers where volunteers assist at certain times during opening hours.


You can find the libraries at:

  • Magion Biblioteket i Grindsted, Tinghusgade 15, 7200 Grindsted
  • Billund Bibliotek, Hans Jensensvej 6, 7190 Billund
  • Vorbasse Bibliotek, Drivvejen 1, 6623 Vorbasse
  • Sdr. Omme Bibliotek, Stadion Allé 16, 7260 Sdr. Omme
  • Grindsted Gymnasiebibliotek, Tinghusgade 20, 7200 Grindsted


You can find the Citizen Service at:

  • Borgerservice i Magion Biblioteket, Tinghusgade 15, 7200 Grindsted
  • Borgerservice i Billund Bibliotek, Hans Jensensvej 6, 7190 Billund

Remember to make an appointment

Book your appointment here for Citizen Service

Billund Bibliotekerne og Borgerservice