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Tax and registration

When you come to Denmark to work, you will need a civil registration number (CPR number) or a personal tax number, depending on whether you take up a short or a longer residence in Denmark.


CPR number – if longer period in Denmark

If you are working in Denmark for more than three months (six months if within EU/EEA or Nordic countries), you will need to apply for a CPR number at the Danish National Register (Folkeregistret).

You can always contact your  Citizens Services at Billund Library or Citizen Service at Magion Library.

Book your appointment here for Citizen Service

You can also contact one of the four International Citizens Services Centres in Denmark in: Aalborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen and Odense.

Personal tax number – if short period in Denmark

If you are working in Denmark for three months or less, you will get a tax number instead of a civil registration number. Your personal tax number works like a civil registration number, i.e. it is your Danish personal identification number.

Read more about how to apply for a Danish tax card and a personal tax number