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Practical matters to attend to

When you come to Denmark, there are practical matters you must attend to such as a health insurance card, tax card, NemID and CPR number

Read about practical matters to attend to

 Go to and read more about practical matters to attend to when arriving

  • How to get help with online self-services in Danish 
  • EU-Residence document (EU/EEA and Switzerland)
  • To apply for an EU residence document 
  • Nordic citizens 
  • More help on EU residence document
  • Residence and work permit (outside Scandinavia, EU/EAA and Switzerland) 
  • Civil Registration number (CPR number) 
  • What to bring to get a CPR number 
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Remember the blue European Health Insurance Card 
  • Health insurance for children and young people
  • International health insurance
  • To open a bank account 
  • NemKonto (Easy Account) 
  • Tax and registration 
  • To get a personal tax number 
  • Tax card 
  • Places to get help - International Citizen Service