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NemID is Denmark’s common logon solution for both public self-service, online banking, etc.

Who can obtain NemID?

You can obtain NemID when:

  • You have a Danish CPR number You have reached the age of 15 You are able to meet the ID requirements.
  • You need not be a Danish national.
  • You can obtain NemID if you have a CPR number and valid ID.
  • It is important that you have valid ID.

How do I obtain NemID? 

There are several ways to obtain NemID. You can:

  • Obtain NemID via citizen services
  • Obtain NemID via online banking
  • Order NemID online (requires Danish passport or Danish Driver's licence).

You can obtain NemID through personal appearance at a citizen service centre or order it online.

Remember to bring valid ID.

Read more about NemID and valid ID

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