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Change address - when living in Denmark

​Notify authorities when changing address.

Notification of change of address to the national registration office

  • If you want to change your Danish address, you have to inform the authorities.
  • This can be done online via the self service-box above.
  • The online self-service is primarily in Danish (depending on which municipality you live in or are about to move to), but you can always get help to fill it in at the citizen service center or at the library in Billund and Grindsted. Or maybe you know a Danish speaking person, who can help you.
  • You can at the earliest inform the authorities of your change of address four weeks before you move and it must be done no later than five days after you have moved to your new home.
  • You also have to inform the postal service, Post Danmark, of your relocation. This can also be done online with NemID.
  • Before you can use the online service you need to have a digital signature called NemID.