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Summertime Fun in Vorbasse (2nd - 6th grade) (Year 2013-2009)

Come for 3 fun days with many different sports and activities in Vorbasse.

Vorbasse KFUM's Sports Association and Vorbasse Paddle and Tennis Club in collaboration with DGI and Vorbasse Leisure Center organizes a free active week for children from the 2nd to the 6th grade: Swimming, handball, badminton, (beach) volleyball, (paddle) tennis and gymnastics.

Registration: Register on by monday June 19.

Organizers: Vorbasse KFUM's Sports Association

Date of the event: June 27 - June 29 2022, 8.30-15.30

Location: Vorbasse Fritidscenter, Drivvejen 1, 6623 Vorbasse

Agegroup: 2nd - 6th grade (Year 2013-2009)

Price: 0 kr. for participation 180 kr. for lunch arrangement.