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Lyngsbo Summercamp (1st - 7th grade)

The camp is a great place to make new friends or maybe have a reunion with old friends.

At the camp we will sing, play and hear about Jesus in small groups. During the week there will be various activities, such as creative workshops and much more.

The camp also offers fun leaders, good food, a fantastic community, competitions, Lyngsbo quiz, a water slide, cable cars, ball games, a bouncy castle and much more. Read more about the camp here (The information is in danish).

Registration: Register on by monday June 11.

Organizers: DFS Lyngsbo sommerlejr

Date of the event: June 25 - June 30 2022

Location: Lyngsbo sommerlejr, Ballesvej 40, Snoghøj, 7000 Fredericia

Agegroup: For boys and girls, who has gone to 1st - 7th grade.

Price: 495 kl. per child. (The amount has to be paid to account: 8210 - 2489805, by June 11 2022)