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Club on wheels (7th grade to 18 years old)

UngBillund takes a bus ride around to Sdr. Omme, Grindsted and Filskov in week 26.

In week 26, UngBillund takes a trip by bus around the municipality. We will bring a grill, have fun, play games and do competitions.

Registration: No registration required

Organizers: UngBillund (

Date of the event: 

  • June 28, in Sdr. Omme, 15.00-19.00
  • June 29, in Grindsted, 15.00-19.00
  • June 30, in Filskov, 15.00-19.00

Location: Sdr. Omme, Grindsted and filskov

Agegroup: 7th grade to 18 years old

Price: 0 kr.